With no-brainer progressive electoral alliances, we’d have had a progressive alliance government today

If progressive parties had made electoral alliances at the 2017 General Election  – as Calderdale Green Party suggested to both Calder Valley Labour and LibDem parties – there would be 59 fewer Conservative MPs.

That would have put the Conservatives on 259 MPs.

It would have put Labour on 299, LibDems on 21, SNP on 47, 1 Independent and 1 Green. The total number of progressive MPs would have been 369.  Enough to form a Progressive Alliance government.

Here is a  downloadable (pdf) table showing how the votes would have stacked up with progressive electoral alliances. The figures are from the Guardian’s General Election Results 2017.

Seems like a no brainer for the next General Election – together with a manifesto commitment from all the progressive parties, to pass a proportional representation Act in the next parliament so we never have to use this stupid, undemocratic first past the post system again.

Screen shot 2017-06-12 at 13.58.41

On facebook,  Kat Boettge notes:

Under PR we would now already have formed a solid coalition. And please note that results would have likely been different as people wouldn’t just have voted “tactical”.

Here is her table showing what the make up of the House of Commons would now be on the basis of votes cast on June 8th, if they had been allocated on the basis of proportional representation.

GE results with PR


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